Hi, here is Gisele, I am a brazilian developer, analyst and IT project management graduated.

― My background

I have been working as developer for many years but since my graduation I increased my experiences for working in entrepreneurship different project and development areas, wich brought me nice opportunities for soft skills in management, analysis and methodologies. My profile is open to new visions and I really like to learn different technologies.

― Skills

Solve problems

― Work experience
Android Developer @ US4

since March/2020

Perform improvement tasks in a sales assistant Java Android application for building materials stores.- Android SDK 9 (pie) 28- Java Sdk 11- Gradle - Android Studio - GitHub

Project Incubator @ Cibercafé

Autonomous - since jun/2020

Founder and Project Manager at Cooperativa Cibercafé. Volunteer mentor for those who want to enter the technology field.

Fullstack Developer @ Netprecision Ltda

dez/2021 - sep/2022 · 10 months

Development and maintenance of systems for document management of electrical engineering projects. Fullstack: Java | Angular JS | Node | SpringBoot | Docker | DBeaver | Flutter

Android Developer @ OmniChat

ago/2020 - sep/2021 · 1 year 2 months

Develop new features in the Android application. Perform bug fixes. Propose performance improvements for the application and process. Suggest solutions and architectures with the team.Languages Java and KotlinWorking with a current stack (Coroutines flow, Navigation Component and more) Continuous DeliveryDo Code Reviews. Teach and learn together with the team!

System Analyst @ Cassol Centerlar

mar/2019 - apr/2020 · 1 year 2 months

Cassol Card - Technical AnalystSyscassol - Java 8, Maven, Oracle 11g, Jenkins, SourceTree, GitLab, Kanban, Sonar.- Integrations between systems (flow design and project scope specifications)- URA Cassol- Cassol Card APP- Improved Customer Acquisition- Credit Management SystemsLogistics Projects | Blind Conference System on Delivery Return - Return and Re-deliveryCommercial Management | Supplier Price Import ScreenManagement, monitoring and project indicators.

Analyst and Developer @ Zallpy Group

jun/2018 - jan/2019 · 8 months

I have worked as an analyst for 3 months at the client Engie Energia with analysis and specification of services.Acting on projects for the client Quanta Previdência, maintenance of its SOP system for accessions of pension plans and the like. Also a project for parameterization of the mobile application. Scrum methodologies.Using, Java 1.7 and Java 1.8. Eclipse Neon, Maven plugins and Git Integration.JSF and RichFaces, Javascript without front end.Git for versioning, using tools like GitFlow and GitKraken, Bitbucket and Atlassian tools for development processes.Jboss AS 7.1 server and SQL Server database.

Fullstack Developer and Analyst @ Softplan

may/2015 - oct/2017 · 2 years 6 months

I have worked in the Accounts Payable, Electronic Invoices and Management Reports team.Development of software for the construction industry, using Java and Javascript.Regarding code coverage, I perform automated and unit tests, using JUnit and Mocks.Agile methodology (Scrum).I work on building new implementations and bug fixes.Reports and Availability of reports in requisition services.Java 7, Hibernate, Eclipse Juno/Neon/Mars, Javascript, JSON, Oracle 11g, Weblogic 4.4, JUnit, Rest

Java Developer / SOA Developer at Dell Brasil 3rd Party @ Stefanini

may/2015 - oct/2017 · 2 years 6 months

I have worked on the SOA Project (GIL – Global Integration Layer)Dell service delivery development.Eclipse Galileo with plugins for SOA, JDeveloper, XML Handling, XSD, WSDL,Weblogic 10.3.3, Oracle 11g and Web Services.Creation of Clients, OSB's, BPEL, BPMN and configurations and tests on the platform Oracle. Specify the technical design of each module and estimate task timesWorking environment and meetings with the English language.

Java Developer @ e-Core

2007 - 2009 · 2 years

Development of the Submarino/Americanas B2B Portal in partnership with Mercador(temporary allocation) – WeblogicIt was part of the E-Services project (logistics system for ships in ports –Fertimport/Bunge Alimentos)Java 1.4.2, Eclipse 3.2, Xml, Javascript, Ajax, Ant, Jboss, Bea Kodo, Oracle 9Participated with the team to achieve the CMMI Level 2 certification.

Java Developer @ Datum TI

oct/2005 - may/2006 · 8 months

I have worked on the SDA Project (Agricultural Defense System) and also on the AAP (Archive of theAcervo Público) in Java J2EE, Xdoclet for generating Interface Beans and Middelgenfor table mapping. Maintenance and development.Eclipse, Xml, Jsp, Javascript, Ant, Jboss, XDoclet, Oracle database.

Java Junior @ DiUno Informatica

aug/2004 - sep/2005 · 1 year 2 months

I have worked in the Integrated Management System of Municipal Administration (SIGAM Web)Maintenance and coding of the application for public management via the web ofprefectures. In production in Caxias and Rio Grande.Use of Eclipse and Dreamweaver; Xml, Javascript, Ant, Jboss, Postgres, IReport.

Junior Developer @ Compusis Informatica

jan/2004 - jul/2004 · 7 months

I have worked on desktop software development in visual basic 6.0 for modules for various purposes such as inventory control, tobacco, vehicle control, etc. Coding, business layer implementations, testing and web development.

Android Developer @ Yuzer

since March/2023 - October/2023

Android Application Development for POS devices, Cell Phones and Totems SDK 22~33 Skills: Kotlin · Kotlin Coroutines · Android Development · Android Studio · Android · Java - Helped the team prioritize tasks in sprints, test, assess risks, online on-call support and minimal documentation

― Courses
UNISUL (Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina)

IT Management Graduation / 2012 - 2018

CSD Certified Scrum Developer Training: 24h by knowledge21.com.br

Knowledge of project areas: construction industry LOGISTICS and E-commerce cybersecurity

Scrum Fundamentals: Scrum Fundamentals (SFC) Certification

― Volunteer Work
Entrepreneurship Instructor - Pescar Project

Developing entrepreneurial thinking classes for youngers inclusion in the market and within the Embratec Company. / nov/2014 - jan/2015

― Education
Technical High School from Federal University

UFRGS Technical Education, Information Systems / 2003 - 2005

“If everything was easy, it wouldn't be fun.”

“Those who don't know how to value the little good things in life won't know how to value the big ones..”


“I will always try to help you because It will help me too.”

What they say:

― José Airton - Developer mate @ Netprecision

Always willing and ready to help and share knowledge. It has an excellent capacity in DB and ease of understanding complex activities. In addition to your qualification in Java and Android.

― André Oliveira - mentored by me to get his first job

Gisele has been an extremely amazing person, who has not allowed me to give up on python. I will forever be grateful for what she does and has done for me.

I met Gisele in the Reaprendizagem Criativa group, she is an extremely motivated and high-spirited person and has given me a lot of strength in my freelance web design career, I would not have advanced in these months if it had not been for her support. thank you very much :)

― Walter Melo - mentored by me to get his first job
― Tiago Melo - mate @ Softplan

Gisele is easily recognized for her care on what is of her responsibility. A fast-learner and adaptive person who fights for changes and improvements to happen. She is self-motivated and a very creative professional who seeks to conceliate many different knowledges on her work.

Gisele is a very dedicated professional. In addition to technical knowledge, she has a significant ability to understand people. Even in adverse situations, she's always trying to see what she can learn from that. She also seeks to make software development processes more humane, enhancing real contact with people and making everyone feel good during the work day.

― Helena Nicodelini - mate @ Softplan


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